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Predator Scent Works!

September 20, 2016
The Predator Scat Scent was VERY effective against the skunks and raccoons that we had in our backyard.  We still have quite a bit left over too to use for the future.  It was a very effective and easy way to rid our home property of these pests.

Thank you,

September 22, 2015

Thank you soooo much! Predator Scent works like MAGIC!
Immediately, NO SKUNK!
Also took 1/4 bag for my daughter's rural property. 
NO POSSUM or RACCOON visiting her deck anymore! They used to tear up her cats...
I put it into a metal container with small holes, so predators could smell, but her big dog couldn't get at it, PERFECT!
Feel free to quote me!

September 14, 2015

The Predator Scent was  very effective in keeping varmints away from my vineyard this year. A creek runs along our property and when the grapes get sweet enough varmints come from the Creek and dig a hole under our fence where they can feast on the sweet grapes. I spread the Predator Scent around the periphery of my vineyard in August and the varmints stayed away.
I'm a customer and will come back next summer and buy some more Predator Scent.


August 20, 2015

It worked really well. Got rid of the opossum as well as skunks that were hanging around 

August 21, 2015

Yes, I am guessing that your Predator Scent worked!  I never saw any skunks again! 
Thank you!


July 8, 2015

Yes, it's 100% effective.  Within 2 days after putting it out, the raccoon was gone.  I spread flour on the ground to check for prints and at 4 days with no prints I sealed up the holes under the house.

My neighbors were very impressed.

The local animal control person recommended you so he knew what he was talking about.


July 7, 2015

Yes, apparently mama skunk decided to find another abode for her babies and hasn’t been back. Now, do you have any Predator Scent that I could use on my human neighbors?


July 7, 2015

The first application didn't seem to work, but since I only put it around the crawl space entry I had 1/2 of it left. I followed the directions and reapplied exactly 2 weeks later, then after all housemates said that they hadn't heard noises for about a week, I blocked the entry with rocks. At first I wondered why I was paying $25 for a bag of doo doo, but it really saved me more grief. Thanks!


April 7, 2015

As far as I can tell, the deer have not returned.  They ate the roses down pretty far before I got the predator scent, but they seem to be coming back ok.
Thank you.

April 7, 2015


Predator Scent really deters the raccoons from our Koi Pond. We are very happy to have found something that works.   
Take care. 

February 27, 2015


The predator scent sent the skunk away almost immediately, just as it did last year. Highly recommended!


January 16, 2015


No sign of the raccoons at the garbage cans.  However, it didn’t work on keeping the smokers from congregating near the garbage cans!  lol!

November 6, 2014


I put a handful under the house where the raccoons had been getting under the house and some around the entrance.  They did not come that night nor any to date even though I have these luscious figs on the tree.  Yea!  So far so good.

October 27, 2014

Good Morning AWES,

Thank you for checking in, the raccoons have gone away for the most part. There was some residual digging in a few beds after applying the scat but for the most part they went away, I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was!

Thank both you and Michael for all of your help, we will definitely give you a call if we have any issues with pests again in the future.

Have a great day,

Christa Gallo

March 13, 2014


     This is Leslie from Santa Rosa.  We used Predator Scent to help resolve a huge raccoon problem in my backyard.The very first night, Milo (my little dog) went outside at his usual time to play bark-a-thon with the raccoon. Instead, it was the most amazing and peaceful night.  He didn't bark at all!  Me and my daughter were just waiting but it never happened.  He still goes out at his usual "watch time" but he doesn't bark to inform us of a tresspasser.  I just did the second spread last Thursday and so far all is well.

     I truly cannot thank you all enough.  Not only has my fear of my animals being shredded to pieces dissapated, but the serenity of our evenings is wonderful..( I'm sure the neighbors agree!)



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