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Helping People Solve Problems with Wild Animals
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Service Overviews

Exclusion addresses the heart of the problem
What attracts wildlife to your home? How are they getting in?

We will work with you to find and remove the attractants, and seal the access points — thus motivating the animals to move on within their territory and reducing the likelihood that other animals will move in.

We provide a range of services, some of which are not available from traditional providers. We specialize in, but are not limited to:

  • Opossums, raccoons, foxes, skunks, and bats
  • Residences and businesses
  • Site inspections with detailed evaluations and advice
  • Custom exclusion installation or referrals
  • Animal dropping clean up
  • Dead animal removal

We DO NOT trap and relocate animals. All animals removed from the location from which they are found MUST be euthanized. There are no exceptions. It is the law click here to read the CA Trapping Laws.

Free Advice

If you would like free advice from a live person about wildlife wandering in your yard, digging up your lawn, getting in your cat door, or eating your pet's food please call Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue's hotline to speak with knowledgeable volunteers at (707) 526-9453.

If you have an animal living in your walls, attic, or under your house we provide free advice after an initial inspection. This allows us to give precise and accurate advice that is specific to your needs. All situations are different and we want to find the best solution for you.

Also check out our Self-Help page


A Wildlife Exclusion is available Tuesday through Saturday for appointments and we book first come first serve.


To the right you will see a list of our common prices. The total cost is situation dependent. No exclusion is the same as another so an inspection is required to give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Please call our office at (707) 992-0276 if you would like an estimate sent to you or a third party.

Service: *Price:
Service Call $115-230
Depending upon city
Basic Sub Floor Inspection $125
Basic Sub floor, Attic, or Roofline Inspections
Basic Attic Inspection $125
requiring more than one hour will be charged an additional $50 per hour
Basic Roofline Inspection $120
requiring more than one hour will be charged an additional $50 per hour
Dead Animal Removal $50-$200
Depending upon situation
Feces Removal $95
Per hour
Live Animal Removal $70
Per animal
Each Return Trip (go back to remove 1-way door, check traps, etc) $42.50-$100
Depending on service address. All traps must be checked every 24 hours
One-Way Door Rental $60
Including installation and materials
One-Way Door Removal -
One-half cost of service call plus $30
Labor $60-$120
Per hour and depending upon situation
Predator Scent $40-$100 Scat
$30-$75 Straw
Materials -
Depends upon situation
Other Services -
Depends upon situation

*All pricing based upon single family home with no obstructions

A Wildlife Exclusion Service • 403 Mecham Rd, Petaluma 94952 • (707) 992-0276
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