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Exclusion vs Trapping


What's wrong with trapping?
The problem with trapping is that it moves an animal away. According to the California law, nuisance animals removed from the immediate vicinity of capture must be killed. There are no exceptions.

Trapping often grabs the mother animal leaving babies to die under your home. Trapping does not seal up the entry points — which leaves your home open for future visitors.

Relocation is not a solution!
Relocating wildlife is not in the animals' best interest — it can break up families, expose animals to diseases or territorial conflicts, and is illegal. California state law requires that any ‘nuisance’ wildlife removed from your property be destroyed — and this is exactly what happens with traditional trapping services. Even if you remove one animal, others are likely to move in unless the core problem is addressed.

Animals who are trapped are frightened. They are so scared they are willing to do anything to get out.They often struggle and cause physical damage to themselves, and are suffering every second. There are no humane traps!

Every being deserves the utmost respect and treatment. Suffering is
not just a human feeling.


Why Exclusion?


  • Is a humane, life-oriented alternative to trapping
  • Is a fee-based program created by Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue to help the public with nuisance wildlife
  • Helps fund the work of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Exclusion addresses the heart of the problem
What attracts wildlife to your home? How are they getting in? We will work with you to find and remove the attractants, and seal the access points — thus motivating the animals to move on within their territory and reducing the likelihood that other animals will move in.

All the proceeds of A Wildlife Exclusion Services go towards Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and their non-profit work to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wildlife.

A frightened opossum got his jaw wedged between the wire while trying to bite its way out and had to be cut free

A mother raccoon trapped and her baby sitting along side the trap cold, hungry and scared

Trench and wire work done on entire perimeter of home to keep animals from digging under and getting back in.

Exclusion work on a deck. Gaps between steps were sealed off to prevent animals from getting underneath.

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